Penn State Harrisburg student Leann Kazawic

“Everyone gets involved.”

When you live on campus at Penn State Harrisburg, meeting new people can be as simple as walking outside. Just ask first-year student Leann Kazazwic. “My roommate and I often go outside to do homework, and that’s how I ended up meeting a lot of people,” says the veterinary and biomedical studies major. ”We play soccer and whiffle ball out on the quad—we’ve played football in the rain. It’s a lot of fun. Everyone gets involved because they can see what’s going from their windows, and they just hop right in.”

Kazazwic, who hopes to be an RA next year, also appreciates having a shared living space in the apartment to relax with roommates. “It’s nice to have a common living area, where we can all hang out and watch TV or a movie, or play cards or board games.  But then we have the privacy of our own bedrooms, and we have our own mini fridge and microwave.”