Penn State Harrisburg student Nick Bennet

“The meal plan is great.”

For Nicholas Bennett, a sophomore majoring in political science at Penn State Harrisburg, living on campus offers convenience and cost savings. “Everything is within walking distance, so I don’t have to worry about driving and using gas money all the time,” he says. “The meal plan is also great—it saves money because it covers snacks as well as meals.”

But that’s not all Bennett enjoys about campus living. On-campus events such as dance parties, gaming tournaments, and pool parties in the community center keep things interesting. Other times, just hanging out and watching a movie is the perfect way to relax. “I have great memories of meeting up with everyone my first year,” Bennett says. “We’d go up to the third floor, where there’s a TV in the common area, and just hang out and watch a movie.” Bennett adds that educational events, such as a presentation about student safety by campus police, add to the quality of life on campus.

Bennett, who currently lives in an apartment with an RA, hopes to serve as an RA next year.