Penn State Catering fruit punch in stemmed glasses


Hot Beverages

Coffee Service - $2.25
Seattle's Best™ Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee & Lipton® Tea
Hot Chocolate - $2.75
Packets of hot chocolate with carafe of hot water

Cold Beverages

Soda & Bottled Water - $1.50
Assortment of 12oz cans of Pepsi® and Sierra Mist® with 12oz bottles of Aquafina®.  Regular and diet soda included in assortment.
Bottled Juice - $2.00
15oz bottles of Dole® juice
Lipton Iced Tea - $2.00
18.5oz bottles of Lipton® Pure Leaf iced tea
Cold Beverage Dispensers - $1.25
Sweetened iced tea, lemonade or fruit punch
Infused Water - $0.50
Filtered ice water infused with seasonal fruit
Ice Water - $0.25
Filtered ice water