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Housing Areas


Capital Village offers housing for upper-class and first-year students and a Community Center for socializing and activities. First-year students have a choice of apartments or suites. The first-year student apartments offer either four single-occupancy bedrooms or two-double/two-triple occupancy bedrooms, and both apartment types include bathrooms, a living room, and study area. The suites offer two double-occupancy bedrooms and a shared bathroom. First-year students are required to purchase the Campus Meal Plan as part of their room and board contract. Upper-class students live in apartments that offer four single-occupancy bedrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and two full bathrooms.


Purchased in December 2018, Nittany Village offers apartments with four single-occupancy bedrooms, with two bathrooms, a living room, and full kitchen. Residents of Nittany Village are not required to purchase a Campus Meal Plan. Laundry rooms are available in each building.